How to Stand Out to Your Employer While 亲密

How to Stand Out to Your Employer While 亲密

As the workplace continues to shift during the pandemic, there have been many conversations centered around 在家工作 and 混合时间. One of the most significant issues is that workers that choose (or have the opportunity) to return to the office can 获得更多的关注 从他们的上级和领导团队. As a result, those working on-site may have a better shot at receiving a raise or even a promotion. So, 如果你不能回办公室, here are four ways you can stand out to your employer while 亲密.


If you are still 在家工作, it’s time to turn your cameras back on during meetings. 在大流行初期, almost everyone was eager to turn their cameras during this challenging transition. 然而, as the mandatory lockdowns and 在家工作 persisted much longer than anticipated, most companies became a little more relaxed about Zoom meeting etiquette. 好吧, if you want to stand out to your employer while you work remotely, turn your camera back on.

Putting a face to a name is an excellent way to help you stand out and make you more memorable. Having your camera on is especially important when you are meeting with people outside your team. If you’re meeting with someone from the leadership team or even just another department, 让自己可见! Having your face front and center will make networking with others within your company easier, 并最终, help your colleagues and superiors remember you.


One of the worst drawbacks of 在家工作 is the lack of social interaction with your co-workers. Those watercooler conversations are hard to come by when you are not face-to-face with your colleagues. You miss out on a lot of interactions, small talk, and even bonding. To combat this, log onto your video meetings a few minutes before they start. Being early to these Zoom or Teams meetings will give you the opportunity to chat with your colleagues and superiors, helping you establish relationships with others within the company. Building these relationships and rapport with your co-workers will make it easier to stand out while 在家工作.


Most of us have seen the memes and jokes (like the one below) making fun of the people that say “goodbye” or “thank you” at the end of a meeting, 所以他们觉得自己做出了贡献. 好吧, instead of keeping your mouth shut throughout the meeting, 开始参与并积极贡献. 当然, 这取决于会议的内容, but if it’s a collaborative meeting amongst your colleagues, 不要害怕说出来! You probably have a lot of fantastic ideas and knowledge to share with the team. If you want to get noticed by your employer while 在家工作, it’s time to start being an active participant in your video meetings.




最后, if you want to stand out to your employer while you 亲密, reach out to your teammates and co-workers. 确定, everyone has a group of people that they work with regularly; but, if you want to make a splash with your boss or superiors, try reaching out to others within the company. Reach out to cross departments and introduce yourself (if you haven’t already met). 有一个谈话, see how your role can impact their position or department, 并主动伸出援手. Volunteering to assist with company-wide projects or offering your assistance is an excellent way to earn the attention of your peers and start to build up your reputation. +, these relationships with others in your company will become reciprocal, and you will be able to leverage their help when you need it.

These are four simple ways your can stand out to your employer while 在家工作. 如果你想寻求更多的职业建议, 看看下载澳门在线娱乐App的博客吧. We have tons of helpful resources available to help you take the next step in your career!