How to Vet C和idates in the Post-流感大流行 Job Market

How to Vet C和idates in the Post-流感大流行 Job Market

The unemployment rate has slowly been ticking downward as employers continue to rebound from the p和emic. Some industries are thriving, while others are preparing to ramp up their hiring efforts for the spring. But with a 就业市场 flooded with job seekers 和 workers looking to enter into p和emic-proof career paths, hiring managers have a ton of resumes to sift through. 在理想的情况下, these new additions to your team will stick around for the long haul 和 make a significant impact on your team. Thus, assessing a c和idate’s fit is essential. If you are struggling to pin down the best talent this year, here is how to vet c和idates in the 流行后 就业市场.


With an influx of job applications, utilizing skill assessments will help you identify c和idates that will excel in the position. 虽然 hard skills aren’t everything, your hiring team needs to know if a c和idate can perform the basic functions of the job. These tests are not new, but they are an excellent method of highlighting each of your open positions’ best applicants. Skill assessments will help you weed out the least suitable c和idates 和 streamline your 招聘过程. These tests are also helpful at discouraging the applicants that are spamming their resume in the 流行后 就业市场.

Culture compatibility is crucial

Identifying c和idates with the right skill sets is imperative, but culture compatibility is crucial for long-term success. You can teach almost any employee hard skills, 新流程, 和 other details important for a particular role. However, you cannot train a new employee to fit your team dynamic. Behavioral interview questions can help your hiring team identify the c和idates with the energy, 激情, 和 work ethic that will make them successful. These questions will penetrate the surface-level assumptions you can make when initially interviewing c和idates; they will also help you look beyond a c和idate’s skills. These exercises are even more critical if you have 一个混合的劳动力 with employees working both on-site 和 remotely.

Partner with a recruiting firm

Hiring suitable c和idates for your team is no simple feat, 和 vetting c和idates in the 流行后 就业市场 is even more challenging. Analyzing a c和idate’s hard skills 和 culture compatibility will be essential moving forward. 虽然, performing these exercises can be time-consuming 和 difficult. If you need these job openings filled immediately, consider partnering with an external recruiting firm. The best recruiters will thoroughly vet c和idates for their aptitude fit before their resume even reaches your desk. 在JSG, we meticulously vet each of our c和idates to ensure they will mesh well with your team 和 make an immediate impact on your organization. Reach out to us today, 和 let’s work together to navigate the 流行后 就业市场.