quarantine 技能

How to Show Off Your Quarantine Skills

Millions of workers across the globe are taking their extra downtime to acquire new skill sets. If you have been unfortunately laid off or furloughed because of the pandemic, now is an excellent time to hone some new 技能. Taking advantage of this time to improve your job search 太lkit will make yourself more marketable and hopefully help get you more interview requests. But how do you display these newfound 技能 you just acquired? 这是 how you can successfully show off your new quarantine 技能.

Add them to your resume

If you spend hours working on securing a new skill or two during quarantine, you definitely want to add them to your resume. To do this, add a 技能 section to your resume. We recommend creating a section in your resume to display your 技能. You don’t have to go into detail here; just make a nice list of all the relevant 技能 for the position you wish to apply for. 也, if you receive a certificate for a new skill or course you complete, be sure to add that certification, 太! Letting hiring managers know you have achieved these 技能 is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

Add them to your LinkedIn profile

After those new 技能 and courses have found a new home on your resume, it’s time to add them to your LinkedIn profile. Adding all your crucial skill sets, certifications, and accomplishments to your profile is absolutely critical, especially if you’re actively searching for a new job. LinkedIn has specific areas on your profile to add your 技能, 许可证, certifications, and accomplishments. It’s essential to put these new quarantine 技能 and achievements in the right area so 招聘人员s can easily find you when running searches on LinkedIn Recruiter. If you display these accomplishments correctly, you are on your way to partnering with a 招聘人员 that can help you find a new opportunity, even during these challenging times.

这是 a brief video tutorial on how to appropriately display LinkedIn 技能 on your profile.

Let your network know

Now that your resume and LinkedIn are freshly updated with those quarantine 技能, share the news with your network! Make a nice little post and share the news with your LinkedIn connections. You will likely get a lot of engagement, words of encouragement, and support, which is nice to hear during these difficult times. 也, you never know who ends up seeing a post sharing your new 技能. It may just lead you to a new connection that helps you land an exciting opportunity!