How to Dress for Your Next 面试

dress for your next interview

The market is hot, and if you’re included in the over 30% of American workers that are seriously considering leaving their jobs, you may have an upcoming interview. But what should you wear to 你的面试? 嗯,这取决于! Different employers, industries, and departments have specific expectations on what you should wear. Here is a brief guideline on how to dress for success in your next interview.

Manufacturing/Labor setting

If your job interview is in a manufacturing or labor setting, you obviously don’t want to show up in a suit and tie. Instead, wear a button-down shirt and some nice jeans. If you will be on the manufacturing floor or walking around the job site, be sure to wear your steel toe boots! You will more than likely receive a brief tour and want to ensure you are prepared to walk the premises safely.


If you’re interviewing in a professional environment, you will want to dress the part. Wear a suit and a tie or a skirt and a nice blouse. Wear neutral colors and be sure to limit the accessories/jewelry you wear. You want the focus to be on you as the candidate, 你穿什么. Try 不 to wear anything that may distract 你的面试ers. And be sure that your fancy dress attire is nicely pressed and ironed!


If 你的面试 is in more of an informal setting, then you have the opportunity to dress a step down from professional attire and wear a business casual outfit. 在此设置, you will want to wear some nice pants and a button-down shirt, maybe a blazer at the most. You don’t want to come to 你的面试 道路 过分打扮的. Again, you want the attention focused on you, 不 你穿什么. And be sure to wear some nice shoes! Even in a casual setting, you want to wear shoes that leave a great impression. Don’t walk into the front door of your prospective employer with those old grungy sneakers you wear to mow the lawn.

Video interview setting

Last but 不 least, there is even a 着装规范 for a video interview. Here, you will want to dress appropriately for the employer’s 着装规范. If it’s a casual setting, dress business casual in 你的面试. If it’s a professional setting, wear your suit jacket or a nice blouse. You don’t need to put your entire outfit on; however, 你的面试ers will be able to see you from your torso up, 所以衣服相应. Just because you’re at home for this interview doesn’t mean you get the luxury of wearing your pajamas. Bonus tip: be sure you have a clean, plain background for 你的面试. You don’t want to have a bunch of clutter around you to distract 你的面试ers (or even yourself) from the conversation.

If you are 不 sure what the 着装规范 is for the employer, just ask. The hiring manager or human resources professional will be happy to share this information. And if you are still 不 sure what to wear, it’s al道路s wise to dress a step up than to come in underdressed for 你的面试.